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Kitchen Splashbacks – The Benefts

Kitchen splashbacks are a hugely popular feature within commercial and domestic kitchens that help to protect the wall behind the work surface.  Splashbacks have numerous benefits over traditional tiles and are commonly used as an alternative to kitchen tiling and plastering.

When it comes to choosing your unique kitchen splashbacks, there should be a range of bespoke options available.  Here at MK Local Glass & Glazing, we offer a range of colours and a 3D visualiser.  As well as protecting your surfaces and walls, splashbacks are also really aesthetically pleasing and can help to add that touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Further benefits of splashbacks include:

  • Easy to maintain

Due to their sleek and flat texture, splashbacks are really easy to maintain and keep clean. The smooth surface repels dirt and grease and unlike tiles, they do not gather mould and grime.  Simple every day cleaning products will be sufficient enough to keep splashbacks in pristine condition.

  • Shiny Finishes

Splashbacks are available in a range of shiny finishes that can drastically increase light exposure in your kitchen.  This is particularly beneficial when it comes to small kitchens that typically produce less light.

  • Cost Effective

Splashbacks are mainly manufactured from toughened glass that provide outstanding durability with little maintenance required. Although the initial cost may be a little pricey, splashbacks provide fantastic value for money as the glass can be left in place for many years without replacements being needed.

  • Heat & Impact Resistant

Here at MK Local Glass & Glazing, we use toughened glass for all the splashbacks we manufacture and install.  Toughened glass is five times more impact resistant than non toughened glass and therefore provides outstanding resistance.  Moreover, splashbacks are also known to be highly heat resistant so there’ll be no need to worry about the potential damage you’re inflicting when cooking or using kitchen appliances.

  • Hygienic

Having high-quality splashbacks installed in your kitchen encourages much better overall hygiene standards.  Glass is naturally impervious to water, bacteria and grease and can be easily clean and wiped down. Alternatively, without splashbacks, it can be very difficult to erase marks and stains off walls.

Call MK Local Glass & Glazing

MK Local Glass & Glazing are Milton Keynes’ glass merchants and suppliers offering industry-leading products including bathroom and kitchen splashbacks.  Our splashbacks are suitable for both commercial and domestic use, all made from the most durable and finest materials.  For more information on the benefits of splashbacks and for expert advice, please contact us today and we’ll get back to you.





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